Diabetes Blood Sugar Chart Examples
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"Your service helps me track out how I am doing over time. Dr thinks I am doing great and wanted to say thanks for helping me help me."
      - Dave W.

Free Online Blood Sugar Glucose Log.

Diabetic Journal is here to help you monitor and control your blood sugar glucose levels and health. We offer online diabetes software to track and chart your overall health status; prepare a blood sugar log and generate blood glucose charts. Our charts help you make informed self corrections, and improve the quality of care provided by your doctor with less time then a list of numbers.

Monitoring your blood sugar glucose levels is an extremely important key to your success. Being aware of how food and medicine are impacting your blood glucose level allows you to make minor changes to your habits. This is the quickest way to see improvements within the first month.

Our mission is to be a life long partner and help make diabetes management easier on you and your doctors. So we offer everyone a FREE basic account. It will give you a 1-month trial of all our services at not cost, commitment or risk to you, if you like our service you can subscribe for as little as $0.10 a day. As a gift to you for signing up you will receive a FREE Online Blood Sugar Glucose Log for life. Start tracking all your medical stats today!

What we offer..

Diabetic Journal is a comprehensive diabetes management software. Allowing you to log and track

  • Blood Sugar log
  • Medicine Intake log
  • Blood Pressure log
  • Weight log
  • Food Intake log
  • HgA1c log
  • Symptoms log
  • General Journal Notes
  • Search Food Nutrition Facts
  • Create and Share Recipes
  • and much more
Create reports and share them with your doctors. Through use of our software many diabetics have been able to finally get control of their diabetes.

Our commitment and passion

We are committed to developing new ways to improve your diabetes management and pushing towards a cure. We donate 10% of all subscription dollars to the American Diabetes Association, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International. We also provide anonymous statistics to diabetes researchers to help them rapidly find answers in the hopes of a cure.

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